Beauty Routine: Maintaining a Beauty Routine as a Travel Nurse

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By Kevin Devoto

September 23, 2021



Maintaining a Beauty Routine as a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is a tough but important job. Moving from hospital to hospital to work in places that need your care is extremely important, but it makes an impact. The demands of nursing anywhere are huge, but it can be especially hard to get into a routine when you’re living in a new city and only temporarily. It’s important to put yourself first, especially when your job is nursing others. That’s the only way to stay motivated to work such a hard job over extended lengths of time. Here are some tips for maintaining your beauty routine when working as a travel nurse. 

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

First and foremost, if your skin starts looking sallow and you’ve got bags under your eyes, think about how much water you’ve been drinking lately. It can be tough to keep up with water intake when you’re working long shifts in the hospital. It’s easy to rely on coffee and energy drinks to sustain you. Hydration is important, though. Drinking a good amount of water can significantly improve the appearance of the skin. Without enough water, wrinkles can appear more prominently.  Drinking enough water also improves the elasticity of your skin and can make it appear plumper. Try improving your water intake by about two liters a day if your skin has been looking sallow. 

Prioritize What Your Skin Needs the Most

Face it. You don’t have a lot of time for an extended beauty routine. Between night shifts and long days in emergency and intensive care units, you’re not really thinking about beauty. Even so, there are some small things you can do to make big improvements. Think about what your body really needs, and invest in those things. If you’re dealing with sensitivity, invest in the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If you’re struggling with bags under your eyes, try a collagen-fueled eye cream. Focusing on a couple of small things will make an impact, even when you don’t have a lot of time in your day. 

Shop Organic and Natural Products

If you’re making tough decisions about which areas of your beauty routine you should be focusing on, then it’s important to buy the right brand of product too. Consider gravitating towards natural and organic products to avoid harmful toxins. Toxins can lead to increased signs of aging and duller skin over time. Another benefit to natural products, they aren’t tested on animals, and they aren’t as harmful to the environment. You work as a nurse, and that means you care. Lessen your impact on the environment by buying natural. 

Practice Selfcare

Even after you’ve bought the right products, it can be tough to find time to use them. Think through your day and find small moments where you can take a break. Is there a moment when you arrive at work, before you even get out of the car, that you can use lip balm or moisturizer? Can you keep some toiletries in the locker room at the hospital so you can refresh halfway through the shift? When you’re thinking about stealing a few moments for yourself during your workday, also think about dedicating some time for you when you’ve got a day off. Spend an hour focused on yourself on days off. Book a spa treatment, get a pedicure or go in for a massage. These moments will leave you refreshed and recharged to take on the next long, overnight shift on your schedule. 

Add Some Order to Your Routine

You’ve taken the time to purchase products, but you have no idea in what order they go on your face. Order is important. After all, what was the point of finding that extra time if you’re going to use the products wrong and don’t get results? Here’s a general order for a facial care routine. First, wash your face. Then, use toner. Follow this with serum and eye cream. Spot treatments come next. Follow these with moisturizer and retinol. Finally, you’re on to sunscreen and makeup. This general order can be followed for body care and hair care as well, though products may vary somewhat. 

The Bottom Line

Take the time to develop a beauty routine because someone who works so hard should take a moment for themselves as well. 

We hope you found these tips for maintaining a beauty routine while on assignment helpful. Do you have any tips to share? Comment them below.

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