Banish Your Bad Day: Fun and Lively Activities to Do When Feeling Down


By Lirika Hart

January 11, 2022



Banish a Bad Day: Fun and Lively Activities to Do When Feeling Down

If you feel upset or down or are just plain annoyed with life in general, you will need a pick-me-up to make your day. There are plenty of fun activities you can indulge in so as to enjoy your mood and banish your bad day. We will check out a few of them right here:

Banish a bad day:

Read a good book

When it’s cold and the days are short and depressing, few things can beat the blues, as well as reading a good book. You can always settle down in your most comfortable armchair and nourish your mind with the latest potboiler or a great action-packed western adventure. You can also spend your hours reading timeless classics with a cup of coffee close by. Before you know it, you would have gotten rid of the weekend blues.

Go to the movies

You don’t have to be a diehard movie buff to go to the movies every once in a while. Check the local listings, grab plenty of popcorn, and enter the movie world, where you will be able to forget all your worries for the next few hours at least. You can also go for a movie marathon. If you don’t want to leave your house, just get a streaming service subscription. Disney +, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. There are so many of those available. You can always select your favorite shows and enjoy yourself till you beat your mood.

Hang out with friends

If you have a hobby such as collecting stamps or even combat weapons, reach out to those who share a similar hobby. In time, you will grow to love what you do, and hours of discussing your favorite topics will snap you out of your downtime easily enough. You can go to stamp collection shows, or if you enjoy combat shooting, you can hang out with your friends at the range. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is, as long as you have friends who enjoy the same, you won’t feel down. This is why if you don’t have a hobby, just make sure you get one.

Go Camping.

This is an ideal way of being at one with mother nature. With the passage of time, you will love the moments when you caught your first fish or pitched your very first tent. Besides that, communing with nature has a unique and rustic charm of its very own. You won’t feel bad at all. Just calm and relaxed.

Get into sports

Nothing gets the blood and adrenaline flowing as much as competitive sports. You can join a track team or a swimming camp or even run a marathon. All that extra exercise will release certain hormones that will boost your mood and make sure that you are too busy to mope.

Martial arts

 If you are the thrill-seeking type, go for contact sports. Boxing, Karate, MMA, and other martial arts. They will eliminate your depression easily enough because of the sheer exertion required to win a tournament.

Ride a Bike

A bike ride might just be the panacea to all your problems if you are feeling down. There are few activities as much fun as a bike ride when you are down in the dumps. You can have a race with your friends, or just paddle all over the place, taking in the sun and the fresh air, or you can even go for a high cardio exercise ride at full speed. You’ll be able to tone your body and your muscles and look better and smarter.

You can get your friends to join you as well. If you are not sure, you can also start riding an electric bike instead of a normal one. Electric bikes are far more enjoyable and make for an easier biking experience. Now you can also turn your normal bike into an electric one with the help of a bicycle motor kit for a great biking experience


If you are feeling down and out, just read a good book, watch movies, hang out with friends, or go for a very comfortable bike ride courtesy of your electric bike.

We hope you enjoyed this article on ways to banish a bad day helpful. Have you found ways as a travel nurse to banish your bad days? Comment them below if you would like to share.

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