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TotalMed Staffing's MISSION IS TO BE THE HEALTHCARE STAFFING TEAM THAT CARES LIKE NO OTHER. We’re committed to placing clinical professionals in the positions they thrive in and to recognizing that each individual role is a critical part of a hospital’s intricate, interdependent system. WE MAKE SURE YOUR TRAVEL NURSING ASSIGNMENT IS MORE THAN A JOB — IT’S A GATEWAY TO ADVENTURE. We aim to be the last company you ever travel with by going out of our way to show you how much we care. TotalMed offers competitive travel nursing salaries, first-day medical benefits, and we match all of your 401K contributions up to 5%! EXPERIENCE THE TOTALMED DIFFERENCE! Whether you want to help crush grapes in Napa, ski and snowboard in Boulder, golf in Palm Springs, scuba dive for lobsters in Catalina, or dine in style in New York City, we help you create a long-term plan to achieve your dreams.
When Emergency Strikes: Dealing with a Crisis Situation as a Travel Nurse
This article is sponsored by TotalMed Staffing. If you’re a new nurse, it’s probably one of your worst fears. If you’re a seasoned professional, you’ve probably lived through it. A ...
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