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TotalMed Staffing's MISSION IS TO BE THE HEALTHCARE STAFFING TEAM THAT CARES LIKE NO OTHER. We’re committed to placing clinical professionals in the positions they thrive in and to recognizing that each individual role is a critical part of a hospital’s intricate, interdependent system. WE MAKE SURE YOUR TRAVEL NURSING ASSIGNMENT IS MORE THAN A JOB — IT’S A GATEWAY TO ADVENTURE. We aim to be the last company you ever travel with by going out of our way to show you how much we care. TotalMed offers competitive travel nursing salaries, first-day medical benefits, and we match all of your 401K contributions up to 5%! EXPERIENCE THE TOTALMED DIFFERENCE! Whether you want to help crush grapes in Napa, ski and snowboard in Boulder, golf in Palm Springs, scuba dive for lobsters in Catalina, or dine in style in New York City, we help you create a long-term plan to achieve your dreams.
15 Slow-Burning Foods to Keep You Fueled for Your Travel Nursing Shift
This article was provided by TotalMed Staffing. As a travel nurse, you’re accustomed to dealing with unexpected interruptions in your schedule. So if you’re trying to eat three square meals ...
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Frontline Worker: Caring for Those Who Care for Others
This article was provided by TotalMed It should not surprise anyone that COVID-19 is causing burnout in healthcare workers and frontline workers across the nation. As early as the beginning ...
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Travel Nurses on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic Get Real About Their Experiences
This article was provided by TotalMed TotalMed surveyed 100 travel nurses about their experiences working in hospitals during the current pandemic. They got real with us, sharing their difficulties and ...
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How Travel Nurses Taxes Are Impacted by COVID-19
This article provided by TotalMed. 2020 is a year like we’ve never seen before. Under the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, the healthcare world is facing unprecedented challenges and the ...
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Why Don’t Traveler Nurses Interview Recruiters?
This article provided by: TotalMed Staffing Why Don’t Traveler Nurses Interview Recruiters? There, I said it. That question and the debate on whether or not to ask it has been ...
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Ways to Avoid Burnout in Travel Nursing
This article provided by: TotalMed No one’s immune from burnout. It can sneak up on you. At first, you’re hitting the snooze button too many times. Then you’re realizing you ...
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5 Tax Challenges Travel Nurses Face — and How You Can Handle Them
This article provided by: TotalMed Staffing Living as a travel nurse is an awesome adventure. Like some beatnik, free spirit, or storied explorer, you’re going where you want, when you ...
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How to Make Your Travel Nurse Housing Cozy This Winter
This article provided by: TotalMed Staffing Winter. It’s cold, dark, and gray, and for most of us, it’s our least favorite season. When you add in the functional (and let’s ...
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9 Efficiency Hacks to Free Up Your Personal Time as a Travel Nurse
Sponsored article by: TotalMed Staffing Busy. Somehow, that four-letter word has become a standard answer when we’re asked how we’re doing. These days, it can seem like even your Aunt ...
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