Theresa Cofield


Theresa Cofield is a freelance writer who has a love for creativity and a passion for helping others. She works as a blogger at where she covers the topics of esports and the gaming industry.
Travel Nursing: Things To Think About Before You Start
Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This is why you can’t start a career without having a plan, including being a travel nurse. ...
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5 Unusual Mistakes Travel Nurses Make On Their First Contract
As a travel nurse, there are many benefits, such as you get to travel to various locations and learn from differently trained professionals. It is a job that can give ...
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5 Steps to Creating a Healthy Healing Environment at Home
Important Advices to Create a Perfect Environment at Home The modern world lives very fast, and often we forget about many important things. You run to and from work, increasing ...
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