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At TheraEx, we strive to be the ONE STOP SHOP for our Clinicians. We bring the "Mom and Pop" culture to our staff to ensure they feel that they are receiving the best partnership. Nowadays, it is hard to find honesty and transparency, which is exactly what we bring to the table. From helping you find your next assignment to simplifying the onboarding process, our team is dedicated to making each experience easy and streamlined. We don’t beat around the bush with our compensation packages or benefits….. we deliver the best to the best!
How Nurses Can Stay Optimistic During the Pandemic
This article was provided by TheraEx Staffing Service. Nursing can be stressful, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. As a nurse in 2021, it’s even more important than ...
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6 Ways to Know if You Are Working with the Right Travel Nurse Agency
This article was provided by TheraEX Staffing Services. Travel nursing is a great way for nurses to gain experience, travel the country, and earn an above-average income. While there are ...
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