Ron Blake, Author at The Gypsy Nurse

Celebrating a Community of 500,000 Strong!

Ron Blake was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. He’s a former high school physics teacher, an MPA graduate of Indiana University, and worked for actress Sandra Bullock during a pretty darn cool summer in Beverly Hills. Blake is now on an unusual odyssey speaking out as a blue-collar male survivor of a brutal rape involving three perpetrators and LGBT bias. His recovery of PTSD began with an unexpected moment of laughter he had on a suicidal night. He’s been on the ongoing six-year full-time cross-country journey that’s involved meeting 32,083 strangers one by one. Those individuals wrote amazing stories of trauma and triumph in 94 languages with 27 Sharpie marker colors on 494 giant foam poster boards. Blake gave a TEDx talk about this healing journey that involves a symbolic goal of becoming a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Where he will one day present the massive collective story of hope. The colorful collection of stories represents that no one is alone in overcoming trauma and PTSD. Three talented students at Arizona State University produced an Emmy nominated documentary about Blake’s innovative therapy to overcome the tragedy. A large group of singers from America’s Got Talent fame is also creating an uplifting song about Blake’s odyssey of determination.
Yes, to Stephen Colbert…My Efforts to Overcome PTSD
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