WHAT SETS NURSESRX APART FROM OTHER TRAVEL NURSE COMPANIES? Founded in 1990, NursesRx is a leading name among travel nurse companies, offering thousands of facility choices in all 50 states. NursesRx offers a limitless pool of job opportunities in all 50 states — many of them exclusive positions not offered by any other travel nurse company. When you travel with NursesRx, we accompany you on every step of your journey. Our recruitment team is renowned as the most engaged and easy-to-reach support team in the travel nurse industry, and our pay and benefits package is competitive among all nurse staffing companies. We believe in making a difference in the lives of patients and we actively seek nurses who share that passion for patient care and advocacy.
Can Travel Nurses Bring their Family on an Assignment?
This article provided by: NursesRX Traveling nurses often wonder if they can bring their loved ones on their assignment. The answer is yes!  NursesRx allows nurses the opportunity to bring ...
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What to Major in for Nursing: 5 Tips to Help You Decide
This article provided by: NursesRX Thinking about what to major in for nursing? Most nursing programs, whether you’re going for your bachelor’s or master’s, have specific areas of concentration you ...
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How to Handle Patient Complaints Like a Pro
This article provided by: NursesRX Patient complaints getting you down? As a nurse, you can’t make everyone happy all the time. In the medical field, patient complaints are inevitable, just ...
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