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“Nurses PRN is an experienced healthcare staffing agency that offers a variety of work options locally and nationally, including travel contracts and per diem. Our story starts with a 21 year old CNA named Pete Hietpas. Pete was diligently working in the Fox Valley Wisconsin area with a variety of staffing agencies, but something was missing. He loved caring for his patients, but felt that the staffing agencies were exchanging compassion for competitiveness. Why can’t there be a balanced approach built on strong relationships with the nurses and clients? He was determined to change that. As a result, he started Nurses PRN in 1995 to be a model for the healthcare staffing business – being competitive in the market place, yet still maintaining a compassionate heart. Today that model is thriving. Pete, as president, guides Nurses PRN in building authentic relationships with both our nurses and clients – driven by the simple idea that better nursing care leads to better patient care – all supported by a dedicated internal staff. Our company culture is strongly supported by faith-based values and activities to remind us that our success provides us the opportunity to serve and give back to our communities. This is the spirit of caregiving. This is Nurses PRN.”
Adjusting to a New Environment as a Travel Nurse
PRN Healthcare provided this article. A new contract means a new facility with new coworkers and policies. With 13-week contracts being a limited amount of time, nurses have to adjust ...
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5 Ways to Succeed as a Travel Nurse
PRN Healthcare provided this article. Travel nursing is a great way to live out your passion in your nursing career as well as your lifestyle! Nursing isn’t an easy career ...
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5 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Nurse
NursesPRN provided this article. Nursing is a career full of endless opportunities! You can thrive as a staff nurse, explore the nation as a travel nurse, or pick up per ...
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5 Nursing and Healthcare Trends Expected in 2022
This article was provided by Nurses PRN. One more year in the books! Healthcare trends continue into 2022, but there are also some industry-altering changes experts are predicting. COVID-19 has ...
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