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Are you a Registered Nurse seeking a career as a traveler in any part of the United States? For a transparent and honest process, allow Nurse First Travel Agency to help you out! We are an Agency founded by a nurse and we maintain a very pro-medical professional mindset opposed to treating you and the entire travel job search as simply business. Our business founded upon transparency and honesty. We look forward to speaking with you further about our groundbreaking methods that set us apart from any other agency while we help facilitate your job placement, where ever that may be.
The Top 3 Picturesque and Highest Paying States for Travel Nurses
Nurse First Travel Agency provided this article. Travel nursing is an exciting career path for those wanting to get out of their comfort zone. Not only does it provide flexibility, but ...
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How to Change Your Travel Nursing Specialty
Nurse First Travel Agency provided this article. It’s no secret that the nursing industry is currently facing a staffing crisis. Hospitals are overflowing with patients, and the stress of the pandemic ...
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Homesick? Six Tips To Help Travel Nurses Deal with Homesickness
Nurse First Travel Agency provided this article. Homesickness is one of the many challenges that travel nurses face during their assignments. Being away from home can be rough, even for ...
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5 Tips on Traveling Solo From a Travel Nurse
Nurse First Travel Agency provided this article. Traveling solo can feel incredibly empowering because everything is in your hands. It can also feel terrifying because, well, everything is in your ...
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