Maddie Torres-Gypsy Nurse Correspondent

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Maddie Torres is a freelance writer and recent graduate of Denison University where she was an English and Spanish double major with a Narrative Journalism concentration. She was previously a Bilingual Employee Experience intern for Pitney Bowes in New York City where she interviewed employees and wrote articles based on their leadership experiences for the company. She looks forward to pursuing her passion for reading and writing and to learn more about the travel nursing community. During her free time, Maddie enjoys learning to cook new recipes and attempting to make her way through the New York Times Best Sellers list of books.
Collapsible Home Essentials for Travel Nurses
Research has shown that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. As a travel nurse, moving—and its close cousins, packing and unpacking—can happen frequently and without much notice. In ...
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Suicide Prevention Month: Ending the Stigma
September is National Suicide Prevention Month. With an increase in isolation due to COVID-19 quarantine regulations, people are feeling lonely and disconnected. The pandemic has also caused high levels of ...
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The Healing Power of Yoga: A Conversation with Stacey Reynolds
In an interview via Zoom, yoga therapist Stacey Reynolds shares her journey to healing from chronic illness, the significance of yoga therapy, and why it is so important for healthcare ...
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Ambulatory Nursing: Why Travel Nurses Should Consider Outpatient Centers
This article sponsored by TNAA. It is no surprise that there is an ongoing shift from inpatient to outpatient medical care. Many patients prefer to have their knee replacement surgeries, ...
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