Leslie Deemer
Leslie is a Registered Nurse and spent most of her career in cardiac. (Tele, Cardiac step-down) She began as a CNA, working at a nursing home in 1976. She then became an LPN and worked in a cardiac PCU. Finally, She became an RN in 2003. She was a traveling nurse for 11 years and worked in NY, TX CT, CA, FL, and PA She loves to travel! She has traveled to Italy, Egypt, many Caribbean countries, and around the US. Recently, she sold everything and bought an RV and lives in the middle of a National Forest. When she retires in a few years, she will travel around the country, from national park to national park.
19 Tips for Traveling Nurses
Travel Nursing is a great way to see the world while still earning a paycheck.  However, there are some things you need to know before you make the decision to ...
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