Leslie Catalano

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Leslie earned her nursing degree from Illinois State University in 2005. She was raised in the Midwest, and after 10 years of traveling, she is now back in her hometown of Springfield, IL. She is married to a wonderful guy and is the mother of 3 boys. She is an avid reader, loves the outdoors, and uses writing to distress and regain her spirit. Leslie had more articles on self-care for nurses on her website ThePositiveNurse.com
Build a Killer Travel Nurse Resume
Travel nurses are in a unique position where it is acceptable – even expected – to change your job every 13 weeks, but when it comes to building a resume, ...
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What are the Benefits of Travel Nursing to a Small Town?
An exciting part of travel nursing is traveling around the country and experiencing life in all the major cities, but with COVID-19 numbers declining and travel nurse needs in hospitals ...
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