Leona Vandermeer

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I’m a business coach who strategizes with individuals and teams to develop growth strategies that maximize productivity and profitability. These strategies come in the form of customized action plans, processes, and goals. I get my clients unSTUCK. I listen, probe, and partner to help them tell their story and create a vision. As a leader and coach, I encourage my clients to dream big and provide a framework for them to go after those dreams. We start by identifying and tackling obstacles that stand in the way of their success. My faith strengthens me to forge ahead when others might give up. In overcoming my own challenges, I’ve learned that it’s within ourselves to achieve our goals, but we have to start with believing that. My mantra is, “If you want something, go get it.” Period.
The unSTUCK Method® – A New Power Tool
Have you ever been stuck? I don’t mean stuck in the mud with your car or stuck with something, like being poked with a needle. I mean, stuck in your ...
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