Lauren Festa

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Lauren Festa graduated from Boca Raton Community Highschool with her high school diploma, where she was Editor-In-Chief of her high school's news magazine. Lauren is currently enrolled at Long Island University Brooklyn, majoring in journalism. Lauren has always had a passion for writing and enjoys reading in her free time.
5 Things to do While on Assignment in Nashville, Tennessee
Nashville is Tennessee’s capital and home to some of the most incredible music and landmarks that the state holds. The opportunities and activities to do within Nashville are endless, ranging ...
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5 Things To Do In Asheville, NC
So, you took a travel nurse assignment in Asheville, North Carolina? What are some things to do and what places should you visit on your days off? Asheville, North Carolina, ...
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Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse
Travel nursing is an occupation that is applauded worldwide, especially during such difficult times for healthcare workers. In light of COVID-19, healthcare professionals have been working tirelessly to provide for ...
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