Laura Zurczak

Celebrating a Community of 500,000 Strong!

I’m Laura, and I’m a Canadian living in the USA, as a Travel Nurse. I graduated with my BSN in Ontario, Canada and I have nearly six years of hospital and home care experience. I always had a passion for nursing and while in nursing school, I knew I wanted to become a travel nurse. With perseverance and dedicating, I made it happen. I travel cross country with Mom, who happens to be the best travel buddy while on route. I take assignments in states I’ve never visited, where I don’t know a soul. I thrive for adventure, which has lead me to a new outlook on life. I look forward to making new life-long friends along the way. Every day is a vacation, and I couldn’t be more happy with my travel decisions to date.
Canadian Travel Nurse Working in the U.S.
So, you think we’re just neighbors eh?  Myself, a Canadian travel nurse RN, BSN with over five years of nursing experience started as a traveling RN well over two years ...
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