Laura Greco
Laura Greco, RN, speaker, certified wellness coach. With 30+ years as a nurse, speaker, and certified wellness coach Laura helps healthcare professionals create their elusive, joyful work-life balance. She believes we can all live with no burnout, less stress, and more joy. Lava lamps and her bunny both help Laura manage her stress and bring her joy. For more information, please visit her website at
Why Do We Provide Better Preventative Maintenance for our Cars Than We do For Ourselves?
Self-care or preventative maintenance has a long list of benefits: optimizing your immune system, relieving stress, improving resilience, having a more positive mindset, greater well-being, improved sleep, better able to ...
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Managing Stress – Fast and Slow
There is no single right way for managing stress. In fact, having multiple techniques at our disposal is advantageous. Some techniques are portable, and some aren’t. Some require props; some ...
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