Krista Berge

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Krista graduated from Florida Southwestern State College with a degree in Nursing and is currently and RN. Helping others is her passion and before taking some time off this past year, she taught in the community about health and wellness. Krista is also a mother to four beautiful children Boston, Lincoln, Brinklee, and Storie Belle. They seem to take up a lot of her time with their sports and loaded social calendars BUT when she finds a moment, Krista enjoys reading, eating an obscene amount of Mexican food, and taking little adventures around the Southwest Florida area.
How I Survived My Husband’s Suicide
How did I survive Brian’s suicide? The unedited version is…I didn’t. I desperately want to put a beautiful bow on how I successfully made it through to the other side of ...
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TGN Presents: Mental Health Awareness with Krista Berge
As a part of mental health awareness month, we want to help travel nurses, and healthcare workers learn to take their mental health seriously especially with the certain circumstances this ...
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It’s Time for You to See What Death by Suicide Leaves Behind. A Story of a Widow’s Fight to Survive.
I have to be honest with you…I am struggling to write this. I am scared to let you in on this secret. Worried about my kids eventually reading these words. ...
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I Have to Tell Them..This Story, Our Story..Your Story
I have to tell them, Brian. I have to tell them this story, our story, your story.  Tell them that for five years you fought and you fought hard.  There ...
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You, My Dear Matter. Stay
As a part of suicide awareness month, we want others to learn about this very important subject that is becoming more and more relevant in our lives especially with the ...
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The First Year Isn’t the Hardest Year
Brian’s been gone for two years today.  Ugh.  Two. Years.  (Annnnddd reality hit again with typing that) So today, in a nutshell, was harsh.  I don’t know what I was ...
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The Days are Hard…A Wife’s Story of Survival After Her Husband’s Suicide
The days are hard and that’s even an understatement. They’re so busy, ya know? Four kids, sports, work, a household to run…that’ll do it to you. I’m constantly busy. Then ...
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