Kim Gipson

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Kim is a Traveling Sonographer. She has been traveling with her husband & their Pug for the past 7 years!! In 2012 they decided to quit their jobs, sell their house, along with everything they owned and start this wild & crazy travel life!! She and her husband are the ultimate Traveling Dream Team! They are World Travelers, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Motivational Speakers and leaders in the Healthcare Travel Industry. Their mission is to Empower Travelers and give them all the Tips, Tools, Support & Resources they need to Travel Smarter, Make More Money, & have the most Successful/FUN ADVENTURE of a lifetime!!! They are the creators of Travelers School an Online Course & the #1 Resource for Travelers getting started. The very Popular Freedom In Scrubs Podcast And The Facebook Group: Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs >>Follow along with all of their travel adventures on Instagram @KimanderranG >>For FUN & Inspiring Travel Stories & Lessons they’ve learned on the road check out their Podcast: Freedom In Scrubs For travel tips, trainings & resources join their free Facebook Group: Travel Life: Freedom In Scrubs To learn more about Kim and Erran & the work they do with travelers head over to:
Debt Free as a Travel Nurse – Tips for Paying Down Debt
On September 5th…My husband and I will officially be DEBT FREE!!!!! We will celebrate making our final & last payment …completely paying off all of our credit card debt!!  This ...
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