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Creator of Nurse Never Lost A platform dedicated to supporting aspiring travel nurses Travel nurse by day, travel nurse blogger by choice. Chaser of adventure and love! Native to Charleston, SC, but has traveled extensively over the US and internationally. Over 15 assignments and 10 states and counting!
Travel Nurse Insurance: To Use Company Insurance or Get Your Own?
As travel nurses, we know the importance of having health insurance. Making a decision regarding travel nurse insurance is a tough decision, and a lot depends on your specific needs ...
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The Case for Travel Nursing: An Opinion
Travel nursing is one of THE MOST talked about professions in the last two years in light of the COVID pandemic. I had heard of travel nursing long ago and ...
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5 Things to Know Before You Become a Travel Nurse
So you want to be a travel nurse? Galavanting from state to state, making good money, and having great flexibility right? Well although it is a GREAT job, it’s not ...
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Northeast Georgia Why You Should Add it to Your Travel List
I am currently on assignment in a town called Gainesville, Georgia. No, no, not Gainesville, Florida, Gainesville, GEORGIA! Most people assume I am working in Florida when I tell them about ...
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Travel Nurse Housing – How Does it Work?
When I tell people I’m a travel nurse, out of all the questions surrounding travel nursing, the #1 question I get asked is how does travel nurse housing work? Does ...
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