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Joseph Smith, Travel Tax grew up in Greenville, SC, but after graduating college and marrying Daina, he hit the road as a traveling respiratory therapist. Those years were fun with assignments in MN, OH, LA, CT, PA, and MD, but in the process, he began to gather tax clients, eventually using his accounting degree more than his RT. Daina made him hang up the stethoscope because she could see what was coming next. Joe is driven. His Myers-Briggs personality profile is INTJ, aka "the mastermind," and fits him. Knowledge is to be constantly gained, categorized and utilized. That benefits you, our client, in that you know that he has his finger constantly on the pulse of the latest tax issues. When others read articles about the latest important tax court case, Joe has read the actual case itself. For that matter, he may have been the one that wrote the article that everyone else reads. He writes for magazines and blogs, posts on numerous tax forums, and answers dozens of emails every day. Travel is still a big part of his life, but now it is for seminars and consulting contracts with healthcare staffing firms, reviewing their reimbursement policies and giving recruiters inservices so they understand the tax issues better. He and Daina have almost completed their goal of having been to all 50 states (missing 4).
Another Tax Year Upon Us 2020: Tax Tips for Travel Nurses
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Talking Taxes: Your Mailing Address and State Revenue Agencies
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Tax Reform and Travel Nurses
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10 Most Asked Tax Questions of Travel Nurses
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Travel Nursing: What is a Tax Home?
After a day of managing potent medications on a critical patient, one would think that unraveling the concept of tax home would be an easy task. Unfortunately, the concept of ...
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I Use an RV or 5th Wheel for Travel – Can I Deduct The RV Expenses?
Using an RV or 5th Wheel as your assignment lodging is a great way to work as a traveler. It removes the dreaded task of loading / unloading your vehicle ...
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