Jennifer Fox

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Hi. I’m Jen. I have been a nurse for over 10 years, although looking back I can’t believe that I’ve done so much. I worked for six years as a staff nurse, taught clinical for ADN students, and went to school for my MSN in that time. In 2010, the travel bug hit me (although I really became interested in travel nursing while I was a student myself) and I left my cushy staff job in Michigan and hit the road to California with my now wife. We called it our “Jobless, Homeless, Roadtrip Across America” as she was starting her own business at the same time.
Wanderlust Nurse: A Travel Nurse Volunteer in Shanghai, China
What happens when a Travel Nurse Volunteers in China? One of our FB Group Members is currently in Shanghai. With tons of interest and questions from the group, we asked ...
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