Hannah Dennis

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Mississippi roots with a desire to see what else was out there inspired Hannah McKenzie Dennis to combine her two loves: nursing and traveling. She has been a Registered Nurse since 2011 and has been travel nursing since 2014. Her specialty is pediatric cardiovascular intensive care, but she also works in pediatric intensive care and pediatric trauma/neuro intensive care. Hannah, a devout Slytherin, travels with her emotional support dog, Hank (also a Slytherin). While on the road she enjoys the local culture, hiking, and the dinosaur exhibits at any of the local museums nearby. As much as she travels home will always be a small farm in Mississippi.
Jobs Fill Your Pockets, but Travel Nurse Adventures Fill Your Soul
The End of My Travel Nurse Adventures….or so I thought Last year I decided to stop travel nursing. I accepted a job in Dallas, TX. After falling in love, I ...
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Travel Nurse Pets on Assignment
Hello fellow gypsies! I want to introduce you to the main man in my life: Mr. Hank E. Hankerton. Yes, he’s a doggo. I know you’re gonna ask about his ...
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