GHR Travel Nursing
At GHR Travel Nursing, we make you a promise: No more application black holes, no more hours spent on job boards and career sites, no more waiting for days to hear back about an assignment. You will always hear back from us, we will work to search out the perfect job and we will always keep you in the loop. We combine decades of travel nursing experience with a relentless commitment to do it better. It's time for nurses to demand more from a travel nursing company. We certainly expect more from ourselves.
GHR Facebook Live: COVID-19 Q&A
General Healthcare Resources (GHR)‘s team went Live on The Gypsy Nurse’s Facebook fan page to answer some of the hottest COVID-19 questions. Below are some COVID-19 topics that were discussed: ...
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Homesick as a Travel Nurse? Here’s What to Do.
This article provided by: GHR Travel Nursing As a travel nurse, you are undoubtedly aware of the many perks that your career provides, not to mention the excitement and adventure ...
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Five Things to Avoid in Your Travel Nurse Job Hunt
This article provided by: GHR Travel Nursing Just because travel nurses are sought after and in-demand, don’t think you have your next job in the bag just yet. With some ...
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Tips for Adapting to the Night Shift
This article provided by: GHR Travel Nursing Nursing is an occupation that doesn’t stop at 5 p.m. when everyone else is heading home from work. Every night, many nurses put ...
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Best Books for Travel Nurses to Take on the Road
This article provided by: GHR Travel Nursing Every travel nurse should have at least one book to take on the road. Reading a great novel or memoir is a great ...
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The Top Six Apps Every Travel Nurse Should Have
This article provided by: GHR Travel Nursing Apps have become an important and vital need in today’s society. There really is an app for everything and there is no shortage ...
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