Gayatri Regester


I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2015 from the University of Delaware with a major in Nursing and a concentration in Holistic and Integrative Medicine and Public Health Initiatives. I have since then worked as a Labor and Delivery nurse with a high-risk and urban population. As a certified yoga and meditation teacher with more than seven years of personal experience, my passion is to share the art and science of Yoga and Meditation with others. These scientific techniques can support healthcare workers and patients' wellbeing, improve health outcomes, and foster more joyful and meaningful lives. For more information on Gayatri visit her website at
Wellness for Warriors in Healthcare
Wellness Warriors As healthcare professionals, we give so much to others. For the longevity of our service to others, we must begin to give care also to ourselves.  From a ...
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Yoga, Meditation, Self-Care, and Why I Started This Journey
What is our purpose in life?  This is a question I have found myself asking many times over the years, first arising during my senior year in nursing school. I ...
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