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Furnished Finder is a short-term housing provider for travel nurses and other business travelers who need furnished housing. We boast a 92 day average stay, and are major data providers for corporate housing coordinators and medical staffing companies across the US. Property owners list their available short-term apartments on Furnished Finder, as healthcare travelers command a consistent appetite for traditional corporate housing and alternative housing types alike.
The Ultimate Travel Nurse Housing Resource for the Renter and Landlord
Travel nursing can be a great way to see the country, enjoy new experiences and expand your professional resume. For the landlord, renting to travel nurses comes with a long ...
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5 Things to Pack for a Fully Furnished Rental
Most experienced travel nurses would agree that when you are looking for housing it is easiest to find something that comes fully furnished. Whether you are renting a room in someone’s ...
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Top Tips for Travel Nursing with a Family
So, your next travel contract is set, and your family is joining. Whether this means that you have a spouse with you for the trip or you are traveling with ...
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Avoid Being Scammed While Booking Housing
As a nurse, you are always learning. And as a travel nurse, you’re always learning even more. Need to obtain a certification?  Curious about what it’s like to work in ...
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Private Housing vs. Shared Housing – What’s Best for You?
All travel nurses must face the same daunting question when it comes to planning their housing for an assignment; Should you rent private housing or a shared home? It’s a ...
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Top 50 Travel Nurse Cities 
According to Furnished Finder, here are the top 50 cities where traveling nurses work. First, we’ll start with the top 10 cities where travel nurses need housing: San Diego Seattle ...
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How Facebook Messenger is Hurting Travel Nurses
Throughout the process of building www.furnishedfinder.com, I’ve made it my mission to stop scammers in their tracks. They are the nemesis of our industry, and I thoroughly enjoy pulling the ...
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How Travel Nurses Are Earning Extra Money While on Assignment
There is so much to consider when you’re looking for your next travel nurse job on The Gypsy Nurse. However, have you ever considered making extra money by renting out ...
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Should I Sign a Short Term Lease?
When finding short term housing it is a nice goal to want to “have it all”. Perfect location, beautiful apartment, affordable pricing, and laid back lease terms. However, as travel ...
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