Elizabeth Barletta

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Elizabeth is an Atlanta-based content writer and a parenting blogger at Top-Mom.com. Being a mother of two, she absolutely loves being responsible for her children’s joy and is always planning some next vacation.
How to Prevent Depression During the Pandemic
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has wrought turmoil across the nation, bringing the global economy to an all-time low since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Millions have been impacted by ...
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The Healthiest Sports for Your Body
As a travel nurse, it isn’t always easy to find a sport or workout that can be done on the go. This list of the healthiest sports includes many that ...
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Best Seaside Countries to Visit with a Toddler this Winter
Traveling with a kid is one thing, but doing it with a toddler is a whole other experience and most of the parent can confirm. After you managed to survive ...
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