THEY SAY VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. AT CROSS COUNTRY NURSES, IT’S A LIFESTYLE! You're a nurse who craves adventure, but at the same time, you want a stable career. At Cross Country Nurses, you can have it all! We offer the flexibility you need to follow your dreams, both on the clock and off. Choose from temporary travel nurse assignments at any of our thousands of partner facilities nationwide that let you explore a variety of geographical locations and clinical settings. Enjoy your favorite hobbies and the climate you prefer, even if those preferences change over time. Plus, you'll receive the same benefits, such as medical insurance, 401(k) and HR support, that you would get working in a traditional hospital setting. Customize a career with Cross Country Nurses that lets you add a bit of variety to your life. Create your own destiny with Cross Country Nurses.
Why You Should Bring Your Travel Nurse Partner Along on Your Next Assignment
This article provided by: Cross Country Nurses Are you a travel nurse who is thinking about bringing your travel nurse partner on an assignment, or wondering whether that’s even possible? ...
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Are Travel Nurses Required to Have Special Certifications or Degrees?
This article provided by: Cross Country Nurses Are you considering becoming a travel nurse? If so, you are probably wondering what some of the educational and certification requirements might be, ...
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