Bree Parker


I've been living overseas since 2012. Before leaving the US, I worked as a travel nurse for a few years. I really wanted to travel and explore the world so I applied for nursing registration in a few countries. After working for a few years in Australia, I was offered and opportunity to step away from the bedside. I currently have been working for a Healthcare Information Technology company as a Clinical Application Analyst in Support. My job is testing the software when our customers raise issues. I spend time charting, administering medications, and testing other aspects of the system to find issues. In my downtime, I enjoy writing, painting, and traveling. My husband and I love visiting Japan and are currently learning to speak and write Japanese.
Stepping Away From the Bedside
A little about me: Currently, I work in Healthcare Informatics for an American company and am based in the United Kingdom. A little about me:  I graduated in 1997 and ...
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A Travel Nurse Relocating to Australia: Trials and Tribulations
As a Travel Nurse relocating to Australia is a scary prospect. I’d thought I’d had greater culture shock in Miami, but starting my Australian nursing position changed my mind. Traveling ...
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The How-To Guide for Australia Travel Nurse
Getting Registered in Australia. Are you considering Australian travel nursing?  Below you will find information on the process to begin Australian travel nursing to help you on your way. The ...
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