Ashleigh is a certified NICU nurse working in a level III and a level IV NICU in Wisconsin. She is in graduate school to attain her MSN with emphasis in Nursing Professional Development. Her most recent endeavor is her business, Next Level Nurse, where she serves as a career and life coach for nurses. Ashleigh is passionate about helping nurses thrive in their career and life by designing a balanced, healthy nurse+life. When she's not supporting and guiding other nurses, Ashleigh is living the nurse+life she designed- travelling with her husband and dog in their camper and elevating her day by exercising, reading for personal development, and drinking all the coffee!
Goal Getter: Tips for Travel Nurses
Can you believe the year is half over already fRNds?! We just rounded out June, the sixth month. We have six months to go before it’s New Year’s Eve! It’s ...
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