Ashleigh Kaminski

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Ashleigh Kaminski, MSN, RN, CCRN, is a NICU nurse by night and a night shift nurse mentor by day. She is not a been-there, done-that coach teaching night shift tips and tricks. She is a still-there, doing-that mentor with over 8 years of working 12-hour night shifts. Ashleigh is passionate about breaking the stigma and intimidation around night shift nursing. She shows new and seasoned nurses how to navigate the night shift through her online community and Flip the Shift Method & Mentorship offerings.
3 Night Shift Starter Tips
They told you about night shift in nursing school, but they didn’t TEACH you about night shift. Set yourself up for the night shift the RIGHT way! At least once ...
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Goal Getter: Tips for Travel Nurses
Can you believe the year is half over already fRNds?! We just rounded out June, the sixth month. We have six months to go before it’s New Year’s Eve! It’s ...
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