Annie Rueb
Annie Rueb has been a nurse for 10 years. She is now traveling full time with her husband Sam and their 2 daughters. Sam is a nurse and takes travel nurse assignments, while Annie does virtual work as an IBCLC and homeschools the kids. They have been traveling together in an RV for over a year and have goals to continue exploring as long as possible.
Learning by Default: Homeschooling on the Road
We are huge believers that kids enhance your life and travel dreams instead of hindering you or holding you back.  When I was pregnant, we backpacked in Europe and hiked ...
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RV Living as a Family and How it Relates to Travel Nursing
There are a lot of housing choices when it comes to travel nursing. Do you take housing from your company? Do you find your housing? Is it an entire house ...
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Travel Nursing as a Family: All About Consistency, Homeschooling, and Exploring
How do we make it work? This is one of the most frequent questions that we get. The thing is, we didn’t know the answer to this question until we ...
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