Andrew Ferguson


Andrew is the husband of a gypsy nurse, father to their three-year-old son (aka: the travel coordinator), and a writer of short, third person autobiographies. He and his family have traveled the nation in search of adventure, family bonding, and awesome new experiences, for the past year. Before that, Andrew made his travel bones working for the railroad, and as a project manager for a military contractor. Both occupations gave him a great deal of travel experience. In his current incarnation, he is part of a wonderful travel nurse family, and logging their exploits for your entertainment.
The Nomadic Nurse V/S The Hurricane
Surviving Hurricane Matthew They say adventures are never fun when you’re having one. Like most of the stuff they say, this little nugget contains some truth, but it’s not the ...
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Staying Healthy on the Road as a Travel Nurses
There’s been a lot in the news, and on the web about nursing and the nursing lifestyle. Most of the information has been helpful, enlightening, or entertaining, and overall positive. ...
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Travels with Knox
Our travel nurse family consists of my wife (the actual nurse), myself (the chronicler), and our four-year-old, Knox (the activity director). We’ve been doing this now for over two years, ...
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And We All Float On… a Travel RN’s Stress Reliever
Earlier this month, I wrote an article on how to help a travel nurse decompress from the stressors of the road and rejuvenate themselves for the next shift. That description ...
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Neither Chicago nor New York – Food for the Travel Nurse
Since there is no need for a nurse to eat food, drink water, or use the restroom while at work, food is an important component of off-time activities. For my ...
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Adventures in Travel Nursing
 I like to quote famous people in my writings. For this article, I’d like to cite a famous author, Hunter S Thompson, who once said, “Buy the ticket, take the ...
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Coming Home as a Travel Nurse
Home is where you hang your hat, or maybe where the heart is. Dorothy reminds us that there’s no place like it, and Thomas Wolfe was so sure you could ...
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Why My Wife is a Travel Nurse
This article was provided by Travel Nurse Across America®. Becoming a travel nurse family My wife and I got together when she was still in nursing school. When she decided ...
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The Riddle of the Toy
My wife wears the scrubs in the family. She’s been a travel nurse for about a year. Our three-year-old son and I like to tag along. She’s the rock band, ...
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