Amy Queen

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Hi, my name is Amy Queen. I have been an RN since 2010. I became a nurse in the middle of a bad divorce and have worked two or three jobs since then, as well as being a single mom with no support. I have worked many areas, but my specialty is critical care, both ICU and ER, but ER has always been my favorite. I received my BSN in 2015, followed by my MSN with a specialty in Adult and Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in 2018. I currently work as an Intensivist in two ICUs, Medical and Surgical ICU. I became nurse because in 1994, I was in a horrific car wreck with my parents that almost killed all of us. My dad spent 96 days in Trauma ICU and Rehab before returning home. For the next 8 years, he suffered strokes and seizures, but managed to never complain and he walked me down the aisle and always worried more about the widows at church than himself. In 2002, he had a final massive stroke that took his speech and he suffered for 6 months before we finally could get him home and he died 18 days later. He is why I do what I do. To give back to all those people who helped us that day on the highway full of glass and blood. The paramedics, police, fire, nurses, and doctors and all the others involved in saving my family is why I press on every day.
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