Amber Pickler

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Amber is no stranger to the medical field; she was a CNA for 10 years before she received her marketing degree. She is responsible for identifying content opportunities based on community needs, community discussion, industry trends and SEO opportunities. Reaching out to contributors for content contributions, establishing strong relationships. She also creates and manages the content publication schedule. While also reviewing and revising raw content. When she isn’t working for TGN she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children.
Hottest Legislative Topic in 2022: Travel Nursing – Live Event
Recently American Staffing Association’s Vice President of Government Relations, Toby Malara Esq., went live to discuss the growing attention nurse staffing and travel nurses attracted in mid to late 2021. ...
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Top Scrub Brands for 2022
Once again, we asked our Travel Nurse Facebook group members what their favorite brand of scrubs was.  Below you will find five scrub brands voted on by fellow travel nurses ...
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One Size Does Not Fit All, Top Men’s Scrubs
If you search online for men’s scrubs, your results will be primarily shopping links. At the same time, roughly 330,000 male nurses are working in The United States.  Many scrub ...
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National Parks to Visit in the US
As a travel nurse, you have the opportunity to visit places you may never have before. We have put together a list of some of the top national parks to ...
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Tips for Working a 60 hours a Week Contract
Since the pandemic started, there has been an influx of crisis-type contracts with less conventional hours. One of those being contracts that have more hours required per week. How do ...
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Gypsy’s Guide to Adventures in Portland, Oregon
So, you took an assignment in Portland, Oregon. What should you do on your days off? If it is the typical assignment, you will have 13 weeks to explore the ...
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Instant Pot Recipes for Beginners
We have put together Instant Pot recipes for our readers in the past, and they have been a big hit, so we have decided to continue to provide you with ...
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Budget-Friendly Travel Tips for Travel Nurses on Assignment
Budgeting is essential for all of us; however, it is even more important for travel nurses.  As travel nurses, you spend 13 weeks on an assignment and typically move on.  ...
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“Patient Gossip” When Do Social Media Posts Violate HIPAA
Social media platforms are great ways to interact with other travel nurses and make friends with nurses on the other side of the world. It’s also a great tool to ...
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