Alidia Hannon

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I started traveling after working 1 year as permanent staff, and my 2 year mark is coming up this January.I obviously love to travel, hence why I chose this career! I stay super active, so on my days off you can usually find me hiking or exploring outdoors with my pups, at the gym, or doing fun things with my roomie or other travelers, especially if it involves sunshine! I try to take advantage of any/all time off, so you’ll even catch me traveling to nearby states even while on assignment :) I’m a huge fan of local coffee shops and good food, so I’m constantly researching the best places to visit in each city. I’m easy going and enjoy staying busy-if it’s a good time with good people, you can count me in!
Travel Nursing Pair- How We Started Travel Nursing Together
Hey y’all😆 Alidia & Ashley here! We are a Cardiac/PCU travel nursing pair (along with our 3 dogs). We have been traveling together since February 2018 and are currently finishing ...
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