Alexandra Close

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Alexandra Close is in her final semester as a Dix Scholar Student in the Accelerated Nursing Program at Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences. Prior to entering nursing school, Alexandra studied Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University where she was the President of the Student Nutrition Association and a Research Assistant in the Metabolic Kitchen and Eating Behavior Laboratory. She is hoping to incorporate her past experience in nutrition with her passion for helping those in need to contribute to the field of nursing. She would love to become a travel nurse at some point in her career as well as a Nurse Practitioner but is taking one day at a time and is eagerly waiting for graduation!
A Nursing Student’s Perspective on Travel Nursing Options
Guest Post By: Alex Close A nursing student’s window of exposure to different jobs, roles, and positions thus far has been through our clinical experiences, stories from our peers, and conversations ...
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