Abigail Morrissey

Celebrating a Community of 500,000 Strong!

Abby is a Health and Wellness Coach who works with clients to identify their strengths and motivations to set goals that encourages a full balanced life. Abby is a yoga and meditation instructor with a emphasis on the energetic body. She has 8 years of varied RN experience including working as a pediatric travel nurse, an pediatric oncology/hematology infusion nurse and school nurse. She is a board certified Nurse Coach and got her BSN from Villanova University. Abby enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, swimming, dancing and doodling. She is working on her first book and learning how to make soap! Abby recently released a podcast on to apple podcast. The podcast is called Mindful Moment.
First Take Care of Yourself, Then Save the World
To my fellow Nurses,  You are working harder than anyone in the world right now, and you are working on behalf of the greater collective. Thank you for your compassion, ...
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