Aaron Clouser RN BSN

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Aaron Clouser RN BSN earned his nursing degree in 2003. He has served in various roles over the years such as ER, ICU, flight, IR, EPIC analyst, and camp nurse. He spent 5 years as a travel nurse completing assignments everywhere from Hawaii to Florida, and many places in between. Aaron discovered camp nursing back in 2006 as a way to take a break from the hospital environment and has spent many summers in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania since. He serves on the advisory board of Camp Health Consulting (Camphealthconsulting.com) and aims to increase awareness and give insight into the role of camp nursing.
Camp Nursing: What You Need to Know
This is a guest post from: Aaron Clouser It’s 8 am, you hear the loudspeaker outside “GOOOOODDDD MORNING CAMPERS!!! It’s Saturday, todays activities are…bunks 1-10 please have your laundry ready ...
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