Assignments in Travel Nursing: Finding the Best Ones

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By AMN Healthcare

May 1, 2023



Finding the Best Assignments in Travel Nursing

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A career as a travel nurse can provide you with adventure, professional development, and personal growth. With literally thousands of travel nurse jobs available across the United States, you can also choose when and where you work.

However, with so many options, such as various locations, clinical settings, organizational cultures, and compensation packages, how can you select the most suitable assignments? 

The key components are focusing on your personal and professional priorities, conducting some research, and forming a partnership with a travel nurse agency that will position you for success. These means will require some work front and center, yet they can significantly affect the long haul.

Here are a few critical variables to remember as you start your journey to find prime travel nurture tasks and score your best agreement yet!

assignments in travel nursing

How to Find a Travel Nursing Assignment

Selecting a reputable staffing agency, such as American Mobile, and beginning work with a recruiter are the first steps in finding a travel nursing assignment. This step should include online research, requesting referrals from nursing colleagues, and conducting due diligence when contacting an agency. Before deciding if this is the right company for you, learn about the available jobs, reputation, and benefits.

From that point, the fun starts! You can make a list of your preferred travel locations and facilities—teaching hospitals, trauma centers, smaller rural facilities, etc.—before your first meeting with your recruiter. After that, browse the AMN Passport to get a sense of the available opportunities and submit an application within the app. You can likewise set your inclinations in the application to get robotized warnings.

Your travel nurse agency’s database may allow you to search assignments by contract length, location, specialty, and more. Preparing a list of assignments that have piqued your interest will help you when it comes to the next step.

Clarify your personal priorities:

 You and your recruiter will be able to choose the best travel nursing assignment for your situation if you evaluate job opportunities based on your priorities. Your recruiter ought to take the time to inquire about your “must-have” and “nice-to-have” lists for potential assignments from the very beginning.

When selecting travel nursing assignments, consider the following:

assignments in travel nursing

Assessing job opportunities based on your priorities will help you and your recruiter identify the best travel nursing assignment for your situation. Right from the start, your recruiter should take the time to ask you several questions to help discover your “must-have” list vs. your “nice-to-have” list for potential assignments.

Some of the factors to consider in selecting travel nurse assignments may include:

  • Geographical location, including whether it is close to people or places you want to visit
  • Community profile, such as city size, climate, and type of activities available nearby
  • Type and reputation of healthcare facility and unit (i.e., a Magnet-designated hospital)
  • Clinical experience and support that may be available
  • The compensation package, including your travel nursing salary and benefits
  • Length of assignment and type of shifts available

Network with fellow travel nurses

Developing a network of travel nurses can also assist you in your search for the most You never know when a highly sought-after position might become available, and a colleague in travel nursing might recommend you for it. Making associations is not difficult to do through web-based entertainment, AMN Passport, online gatherings and gatherings, and different methods for computerized relationship building.

Be that as it may, remember eye-to-eye contact, as well. Inquire with the nurses you currently work with to see if they know any travelers who might be interested in learning more about the area and offering advice.

Update your resume

 Your resume may have been overlooked if you haven’t looked for a job in a while. If that is the case, you should update it as soon as possible before submitting your complete travel nursing application. Make sure that all of your experience, certifications, special skills, and other accomplishments are up to date because your recruiter will use this information to create your candidate packet, which will be presented to client facilities. Additionally, see “Expert Advice for Writing a Nursing Resume.”)

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you really want the additional opportunity to guarantee that your resume precisely mirrors your nursing vocation and features the things that make you stick out, don’t let that keep you away from conversing with a spotter. You can let your recruiter know that your resume still needs some work by filling out American Mobile’s quick online application as a starting point. In point of fact, your recruiter might be able to offer you some guidance with regard to making those updates.

Build a relationship with your recruiter.

assignments in travel nursing

As you start working with your movement nurture scout, you’ll before long find the significance of laying out a trust-based relationship. You not only want to have faith that they are thinking of your best interests, but they also need to know that you are truly qualified for the position and that you will effectively represent their business when you arrive at the facility.

Correspondence is of the most extreme significance. Staying in touch via phone, email, and text is part of this, as is being open and honest about your needs and wants. A prompt response time can help ensure that you don’t miss any chosen assignments and is always appreciated.

American Portable travel medical caretakers can likewise utilize the AMN Visa Application to rapidly find occupations of interest and speak with their spotter. The app makes submitting applications and documentation on time from your smartphone simple!

Heed expert advice and know when to be flexible.

Keeping an open mind and being agreeable to unexpected opportunities is one of the easiest ways to ensure you have a great experience as a travel nurse. Being too rigid about location or any other factor may exclude you from some amazing travel nurse assignments.

Honestly, it can be difficult to find an assignment that matches everything on your wish list. That’s why it’s important to be clear about any “nonnegotiable” items yet willing to listen and take your recruiter’s advice based on what they know about you and the hiring facility. If they recommend a certain assignment, there is a good reason they are doing so! And as you continue to build that relationship, you will learn to rely on their wisdom and experience even more.

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