Uniform Color Requirements: Ask A Travel Nurse Q & A

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

December 11, 2017



Ask A Travel Nurse: Uniform Color Requirements

Gypsy, I won’t be traveling for at least a year but I am making my plans now so that I can be as prepared as possible. I was wondering if any of you have to buy new uniforms at different locations? I know many hospitals are color-coded now and wondered if you end up with a closet full of different colored scrubs or if they allow you to wear your typical ones?


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I’ve worked in two hospitals that had uniform color requirements: Teal, Blue, Purple are popular. Grey is becoming very popular in multiple places. If a hospital requires a specific color, I request that my company re-reimburse me for the cost (and have gotten it in the past). It is important to remember though, that if you ask for reimbursement for the uniforms it all comes out of the one Bill Rate.

I hope that this helps to answer your questions about uniform color requirements.

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