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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

June 8, 2019



Ask A Travel Nurse: What are the best states for Travel Nurse to License in?


What are the best states for travel nurse to license in? Where would you recommend I obtain licensing? I will be looking to start my Travel Nurse career after the 1st of the year and I want to be prepared.

What are the best states for Travel Nurse to License

There are many variable when it comes to the best states for travel nurses to obtain a license. Some states like California, always have openings. Others are somewhat seasonal – bringing in travelers during high seasons. Here are 2019 Nursing Trends that might be helpful in determining where to go this year.

Personally, I recommend only obtaining a license for those states in which you have a job offer for.  If you are licensed in a compact state and eligible for compact licensure, your choices are much more vast. There are also seasonal shifts in high-demand locations like Arizona, and Florida. If you are interested in working seasonally in these locations, you might consider obtaining a license in advance for these states.

Licensing timeframes can vary from state to state. Keep this cheat-sheet close as you look at job possibilities and states for travel nurses to license in.

If you are a new travel nurse, read over our Travel Nurse Guide for additional guidance and industry specific information. You can also connect with our Travel Nurse Network and find out where the Hot Locations are right now.

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