Cancel A Contract: Ask a Travel Nurse Do I Need To Cancel?

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

October 27, 2017



Ask A Travel Nurse: Cancel a Contract


What happens if I cancel my contract? I’ve been on contract for 3 weeks now and some recent events have made me question staying. I really just need to know if I will be fined or if there will be any other kind of financial penalty.

Thanks for any advice.

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There are a lot of issues involved when it comes to breaking a contract.  Think carefully about the financial consequences before you break them. I would highly recommend getting the company involved in any issues.  Many of the larger companies have a nurse liaison whose job it is to deal with clinical issues.  If it’s other than clinical issues, perhaps a change of shift or a change of unit would be helpful.

Read your travel nurse contract.  It should line out any fees or penalties the company will charge for missed shifts or cancellations. It can be quite expensive for the Travel Nurse to cancel a contract and it isn’t something to go into lightly.  Make sure that you know what the risk is to cancel. You may want to read through these articles on Contracts.

– Gypsy Nurse, RN

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