Exploring Alternate Healthcare Roles in the Time of Coronavirus


By Fastaff Travel Nursing

August 24, 2020



Exploring Alternate Healthcare Roles in the Time of Coronavirus

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Travel nurses are often accustomed to the ever-changing landscape of their careers – but what happens when the changes of 2020 are dialed up to the max? More is being asked of healthcare professionals than ever before and the tumultuous uncertainty of available assignments, facility revenue, and numerous other concerns only add to the ambiguity. Many healthcare professionals have been turning towards alternate ways to help during a pandemic and exploring additional career options for the post-pandemic world. 

Alternate Positions

Fastaff Travel Nursing recently had the opportunity to work with alternate positions in which medical needs were previously non-existent. Nurses and medical professionals provided temperature screenings for the public during the first reopening of sporting events in 2020.

Using infrared thermal camera technology for mass screening, our nurses and medical professionals were stationed at different entry points of the facility and tested all incoming attendees and personnel within the comfort and safety of their own car. If the tested person read a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the visitor was then moved to a second location, where a temperature check was performed once more, ruling out a false positive. The medical staff also looked for additional coronavirus symptoms, like coughing or respiratory issues. If their temperature was still above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit after a second temperature check, the person was not allowed to enter the facility and was recommended to go home to self-quarantine and get tested for COVID-19.

Temperature screening

In another non-traditional role, Fastaff staffed healthcare professionals for temperature screening on a movie set in Wyoming. These positions also included Medical Surgical/Rehabilitation nurses to provide care for adult or elderly patients experiencing general medical conditions and surgical procedures. Healthcare providers have also been urgently needed in communities, with a heavy increase in outpatient facilities and Med/Surg Rehab centers.

Uprooted the status quo

This year brought distinct ‘before and after’ worlds, and uprooted the status quo in nearly every field of healthcare. Seasoned travel nurses, new graduates, and staff nurses hit the ground running to provide high-quality care to communities around the nation affected by COVID-19.  Healthcare professionals displayed bravery, immense selflessness, and commitment to patient care despite all odds. Many of these professionals were tenacious in finding other ways to be of service, and these unique opportunities that Fastaff nurses staffed were just another way of displaying their commitment and compassion.

Keep an eye out on the Fastaff Travel Nursing website and our social media platforms for additional opportunities and ways you can help as the pandemic evolves. To ensure that you’re the first to hear about an opening in your specialty, be sure to fill out your application, available on our website.

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