Great Recruiter: 7 Signs of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter


By TNAA Healthcare

May 23, 2019



7 Signs of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter

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great travel nurse recruiterA great travel nurse recruiter will be your advocate and make choosing assignments and moving as easy as possible.

No matter which agency you choose to travel with, your relationship with your travel nurse recruiter may be the most important factor in your travel nursing experience.

7 Signs of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter

If you are getting ready to start your travel nursing career, or considering changing recruiters or agencies, here are seven signs to look for in a great recruiter.

  1. Industry Experience

The best recruiters truly understand what it’s like to be a travel nurse and will guide you through the process with ease. Good recruiters also document your specialties, interests, and location preferences in order to anticipate jobs for you, so you aren’t scrambling for one when your current assignment is almost over. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential recruiter questions about their industry experience. You can even look at their LinkedIn or Facebook profile prior to talking with them so you know more about their personality, before you even speak.

  1. Thorough Communication

Especially if you are new to travel nursing, your recruiter will need to patiently walk you through your options while making sure you get everything completed before you arrive to your new assignment. A great recruiter will ensure you understand your benefits, housing and insurance options while making sure you are ready for the next step. A good recruiter will have your best interests at heart, and will seek to understand and solve any obstacles that can get in the way of you being on your way to your dream assignment.

  1. High Level of Integrity

If something goes wrong at the hospital you are assigned to, or you have questions about your paycheck, you should be able to call, e-mail or text your recruiter and get a prompt, honest response. A great recruiter will have your back, be your advocate, and make things right.  Some agencies may even have additional resources available, such as specialists or clinical support who may know what you’re going through more than your recruiter would.

  1. Personality to Match

Recruiters talk to people all day, and that’s not for everyone! The best recruiters truly enjoy talking with people and solving problems. A recruiter that finds meaning and enjoyment from helping nurses get the best assignments is the type of recruiter you want to work with.

It’s important to find a recruiter that understands your personality, and is able to match your comfort level. Make sure you communicate when you prefer to be contacted, how often and other important details, to avoid frustration later on.

  1. Well Organized

Look for a recruiter that has tools in place to help you manage your documentation renewals, continuing education credits, and other license needs. They are there to help guide you through the process, whether it’s your first assignment or tenth.

  1. Follow Up

If you never hear from your recruiter after you accept an assignment, consider this a red flag! A good recruiter will ask what type of communication you prefer (phone, e-mail, text), as well as how frequently you’d like them to check in. The best recruiters will also check in with you after your first day to see how things went and if there’s anything you need.

  1. Worth the Referral

Find a recruiter who makes you want to refer them. Nearly all travel agencies offer some type of referral bonus, but look for a recruiter that you want to refer other nurses to not only because of the great referral bonus you get, but because you genuinely think they provide a travel nursing experience which should be shared.

Finding an ideal recruiter and developing a great relationship with him or her is the key to having a successful travel nursing career. Furthermore, a great recruiter relationship will pave the way for you to get the jobs you want and provide support before, during, and after each assignment.

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