Staffing Company: Working with Them During Your Travel Career

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By Host Healthcare

September 17, 2017



5 Truths of Working with a Staffing Company During Your Travel Career

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If you’re just starting out as a travel nurse, you’ve probably realized one of the only ways to get into this exciting field of travel nursing is to work with a staffing company. There are a lot of misconceptions and a lot of truths when it working with a placement company for your contract positions.

Here are five truths of working when an staffing company to score your next travel nursing position.

You won’t always have first dibs on Hawaii

Travel nurses can make it to Hawaii, and it does happen but don’t bank on it. While destination cities like Hawaii are obtainable, it can take some time to score the perfect city. Once you do score that dream city, you may find it’s not what you expected. Maybe you always wanted to live in Chicago, but once there you realize it’s just not for you. Your recruiter can help you get to a new city, sometimes one you never expected to love. There’s nothing wrong with falling in love with Des Moines, Iowa. That’s one of the many joys of travel nursing.

Travel nurses come in all genders, ages, and backgrounds

Not all travel nurses are young, and you’re not too old to travel! There’s a common misconception that all travel nurses are young, single, and early in their careers. While it certainly can be challenging to travel with family, we’ve seen nurses of all ages, with children and spouses, and with varying levels of experience.

Even tenured nurses learn new skills while traveling

The wide range of skills we see in travel nurses doesn’t mean that the experience as a travel nurse has to be fruitless. Travel nursing is a great way to see how different units and facilities operate. Every hospital and clinic has different ways of doing everyday nursing tasks, and traveling gives you the chance to learn new skills and techniques—no matter how tenured you might be.

There are plenty of opportunities for advancement

Working with a staffing company comes with a lot of benefits. Some impact your wallet and protect you when you are sick. Other benefits help grow your career. Being a travel nurse comes with a huge opportunity for advancement. You can work in a variety of facilities all over the world. The unique résumé of a travel nurse opens new opportunities in clinical, educational, or management healthcare careers.

There’s a lot of preparation to be done before your first assignment

From license to housing to preparing your home, and more—there’s no denying the amount of preparation that goes into taking a travel assignment. Recruiters can help though. Don’t underestimate your recruiter’s knowledge of your profession and their ability to help grow your career.

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