5 Relaxing Activities for Travel Nurses that Are Beneficial for Your Health

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By Morgan Elliott

September 5, 2021



5 Relaxing Activities for Travel Nurses that Are Beneficial for Physical and Mental Health

Being a traveling nurse, although fun and fulfilling, can sometimes become a tad bit overwhelming. With everything that comes with this type of job, one can easily become stressed and forget about their own needs.

This, of course, will only be counter-productive in the long run. The more physically and emotionally fit you are, the better you will be at performing your job. Taking care of your well-being first will enable you to be better at taking care of others. That’s why we’ve created a list of 5 relaxing activities every traveling nurse should try out.

Running helps keep you in shape

Relaxing Activities

Running is an excellent form of exercise that will help you stay in good shape and improve your health. This type of exercise is suited for people of all ages and fitness levels. When going for a run, many people use the opportunity to clear their heads of any thoughts and focus solely on running itself. On the other hand, to some, going for a run presents the perfect opportunity to think about things that are currently happening in their lives and come up with ways to deal with them. Of course, if you’re just starting to run, make sure you take things slow. Get all the necessary running gear that will aid you to perform this workout correctly and minimize any chances of injury.

Hiking is an excellent way to relax and unwind

If running is not your thing, you should try hiking instead. As a beginner hiker, you won’t have to get any elaborate gear and have any significant expertise. You can simply go for a hike and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful sceneries. If you end up liking it and you feel like you want to learn more about it, check out a useful guide on hiking to find out more information about this fun activity. So, get your hiking shoes on, make sure you bring some water to stay hydrated, prepare your favorite playlist and go on a relaxing and mindful hike.

Yoga will heal your soul

Relaxing Activities

Yoga is another way you can take care of both your mind and body. The fact that you can practice yoga wherever you want is an added benefit to this exercise. No matter if you decide to go to a yoga studio, or you choose to do it in your home/out in the park, you’ll surely start noticing the benefits soon. Besides, since in order to practice yoga you won’t have to get any special gear, it makes a perfect exercise option for traveling nurses. Therefore, make sure you find a peaceful corner for yourself, get your comfortable exercising clothes on and get in tune with yourself.

Going to a concert will boost your happiness

It’s true what they say, music can – in fact – heal your soul. So, if you hear about any interesting concerts near you, don’t hesitate to check them out. Not only will listening to your favorite jams boost your endorphin levels but singing along will bring some additional benefits. When you sing, you use your lungs more. Therefore, it’s safe to say that singing is a great type of exercise for this very important organ. When you get the chance to combine something you enjoy with something that’s good for you, never miss on doing it.

A “me” day will re-energize you

relaxing activities

In the end, we should all try to be more kind to ourselves. Many people – and nurses in particular – tend to always put others before themselves. However, it is of the utmost importance that we pay attention to ourselves from time to time and put our own needs first. That’s why you shouldn’t shy away from taking a “me” day every once in a while, and treat yourself both physically and emotionally. Go for a relaxing massage or prepare yourself a nice warm bubble bath. Do things that bring you joy or even go to therapy if you start feeling overwhelmed. As a medical professional, you know best just how important it is not to ignore the signs our bodies are sending us.

A job of a traveling nurse is anything but easy – both physically and emotionally. That’s why you should make sure that you treat both your body and mind to some relaxing activities and things that bring you joy. The better you feel, the more productive and engaging you’ll be, which is certainly something both you and the people around you can greatly benefit from.

We hope that you found these relaxing activities for travel nurses helpful. Do you have any activities you use to help relax after a hard shift or on your day off? Comment them below.

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