4 Tips For Coping With Travel Nursing Stress: Tips for Travel Nurses


February 2, 2018



4 Tips For Coping With Travel Nursing Stress

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Travel nursing can be an amazingly rewarding profession, but no one ever said it wasn’t stressful. Let’s be honest, nursing, in general, can be very stressful, and when you throw in a relatively foreign environment and the logistics of travel nursing, the stress can really ramp up.

No series of tactics will ever take all of the stress out of travel nursing, but there are strategies that can help you ease the burden and make nursing and the travel associated with it just a little easier. Employ these tips today to get back to what you really love about travel nursing.


* Plan ahead. Like, way ahead. 

There are a whole series of potential concerns related to travel nursing, particularly if you’re relatively new to the game. To make the most of your travel experience, it pays to plan — and pack — for your trip long before you need to so nothing is forgotten in the last-minute rush. Lean on your staffing agency to help you answer any remaining questions you may have and follow this guide for making the most of your first few days in your new location.

* Remember your place. 

Being a nurse means often being around people and their loved ones during incredibly stressful times, and it’s not uncommon for people to lash out at you when things turn difficult. As tough as it can be at the time, remind yourself that the situation, not you, is the source of the stress and that their anger/anxiety is not personal in any way.

* Take a break. 

Easier said than done? It shouldn’t be. You’re allowed breaks, and using them can refresh you to come back to your patient care with more vitality. Use your lunch break and don’t be afraid to take a 10-minute walk around the building to vanquish stress when things get too hectic. You’ll be better for it.


* Don’t forget the physical. 

Lowering your stress level is about more than simply thinking happy thoughts. There’s an entire physical aspect as well. Eating well and getting a good night’s sleep form the building blocks here, but don’t forget to schedule stress-relieving activities that you enjoy as well. Yoga, Pilates, or a quick run with a friend can all help relieve your stress and give you something to look forward to at shift’s end.

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