Change is Constant: A Message From Our Founder & CEO

By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

March 22, 2019



A message from our Founder & CEO

Change is one constant in the world.


Travel Nurses know this well – frequently changing jobs and locations is a way of life. As an entrepreneur (founder of The Gypsy Nurse), I can fully relate to this constant state of change.

The Gypsy Nurse was ‘born’ in July 2012. As a solopreneur and nurse by trade, I didn’t have any business degree and wasn’t prepared for the rapid growth the industry experienced. In 2016, changes were initiated to accommodate this growth. The change wasn’t easy, but was absolutely necessary.

Fast forward to today

Today, The Gypsy Nurse is one of the founding forums available for travel nurses. The growth of the travel nurse industry has been significant throughout The Gypsy Nurse’s existence. Since my previous announcement, TGN continued to seek and receive investment in order to provide and expand available resources to travel nurses. As part of these investment strategies, two years ago, TNAA (Travel Nurse Across America) became an investor in The Gypsy Nurse.

TNAA’s investment has not changed The Gypsy Nurse’s mission and core values. In keeping with its culture, TNAA has been more interested in helping The Gypsy Nurse than in receiving credit for its contribution.

The Gypsy Nurse is grateful to TNAA for its industry leadership and investment that will continue to make this platform, continued growth, and resources possible. If not for TNAA’s commitment to the Gypsy Nurse, it would not have remained an objective voice and forum for travel nurses. This investment ensures that Gypsy Nurse can continue its journey for the future.

The Gypsy Nurse’s mission remains unchanged. To provide a safe forum and platform to educate travelers, in addition to providing helpful resources to the travel nurse community.

Candy Treft change

The Gypsy Nurse Founder

A message from the CEO

Hello Gypsy Nurse Community! Our team here at The Gypsy Nurse understands and appreciates how tough life on the road can be for travel nurses, and it’s been our commitment over the years to provide you with the tools and support you need to make your travel nursing journey a little easier. We are here for you every step of the way, and we will always strive to provide a safe forum and platform to educate the nursing community.

Electronic Health Records – Tips For Making Electronic Charting Easier
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Since partnering on this journey with Candy Treft three years ago, we have grown at a tremendous pace and have become the largest online community and resource for travel nursing – with over 100,000 travel nurses actively engaged with us. As the need for online resources and information in our community has increased, we realized that we needed additional financial support to help build out the tools and the team we needed to meet this huge demand. As such, we decided to find an investor that would help us maintain our support for travel nurses, while at the same time ensuring that we remain the unbiased voice of the travel nursing community.

After months of seeking the right investor to partner with, we found Travel Nurse Across America (TNAA) – an agency whose culture and value system closely aligned with ours. As an investor, TNAA has provided us with wonderful support, allowing us to uphold our commitment to protecting the data of our audience while maintaining a level playing field for all our partner agencies. They fully understand how vital the Gypsy Nurse platform is to the travel nursing community.

Simply put, TNAA invested in The Gypsy Nurse to improve the quality of life for travel nurses

Simply put, TNAA invested in The Gypsy Nurse to improve the quality of life for travel nurses, no matter what agencies they choose to travel with during their careers. Without TNAA’s commitment to the Gypsy Nurse, our ability to continue to provide a superior level of support and dedication to the travel nursing community may have been adversely affected. This investment guarantees that Gypsy Nurse can continue to carry out its mission for the foreseeable future. In keeping with its culture, TNAA’s focus has been to help The Gypsy Nurse continue to be the impartial voice for the travel nursing community.
TNAA’s investment has not changed The Gypsy Nurse’s mission – to be a safe forum and platform to educate nurses and to provide accurate resources to the travel nurse community. We are excited about the future of The Gypsy Nurse and look forward to growing together!

To continue our mission, we need support from everyone in our community – including staffing agencies – to continue to provide the most comprehensive resources available. We need your feedback on our platform, and we will continue to listen to your ideas for new features and products as we collectively grow.

We thank you for all you do as travel nurses, and you can count on the team at The Gypsy Nurse to continue to support you on your journey into the future!

changeTaylor Welch

Chief Executive Officer, The Gypsy Nurse

What’s this mean for The Gypsy Nurse?

Marketing & Advertising

There has been no change in how agencies connect in regards to sales and marketing. Our Sales Manager, Kathia Camacho-Aponte ( continues to be the main point of contact for sales or service-related inquiries.

Social Media

Our social media team has not changed. Our social media manager, Rachel Altum continues to spearhead all of our social media initiatives.  Involvement from our volunteer ambassadors has also gone unchanged. These volunteer ambassadors are valuable moderators of our Facebook groups. In fact, we’re always seeking additional ambassadors – if you are interested in joining our team, please contact Rachel

Website Upgrades

TGN has already been able to implement some great new tools and features to make your life as a travel nurse just a bit easier. Over the past two years, we’ve implemented:

If you haven’t explored these items yet, check them out and please provide us your feedback so we can work to make these tools even better for you.


Questions & Answers

Q: Why did The Gypsy Nurse wait until now to announce TNAA’s investment in TGN?

A: At the time of TNAA’s investment in The Gypsy Nurse, TNAA held the view that any mention of its connection with The Gypsy Nurse might cause unnecessary distractions to the travel nurse community.

However, in 2018, The Gypsy Nurse sponsored a high-quality, agency survey using established, independent research firms to conduct and compile data from travel nurses about their experiences with various travel agencies. When The Gypsy Nurse learned that TNAA had won the survey it feared that questions might arise around the survey’s results. In part, to address those concerns, The Gypsy Nurse, in conjunction with the TNAA Board, agreed that it was time to tackle the issue head-on and communicate the change and TNAA’s investment to the travel nurse community.

Q: Will I receive phone calls and emails from even more recruiters?

A: TGN is fiercely protective of the safety and privacy of members of its forum, and it remains one of the few communities nurses can participate in without fear of being inundated with calls from recruiters. This has not changed.

Q: Since you have been backed by a larger company, has content been skewed towards TNAA?

A: Absolutely not. The Gypsy Nurse is a resource for ALL travel nurses. We receive support from our industry partners, including many staffing agencies, to provide the most comprehensive resources to our community. In fact, we have a multitude of various agencies and individuals that continue to provide content for TGN. We are always seeking content providers. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at

Q: Is TNAA involved in the day-to-day operations of TGN?

A: Since TNAA’s investment nearly two years ago, The Gypsy Nurse has remained a separate company with separate books and personnel.

Q: Did The Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Team have prior knowledge of TNAA’s investment in The Gypsy Nurse?

A: No, The Gypsy Nurse Ambassador Team did not have knowledge of this prior to the public announcement. The TGN Ambassadors are a group of volunteers that assist in the moderation and management of various TGN Facebook groups that are part of The Gypsy Nurse brand. We feel it was important this information and TGN’s back-office operations are separate from their role, and knowledge of this should not impact their volunteer activities and interaction with the community.

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