2019 Nurse's Week Apparel Giveaway: Daily Contest

By Trusted Health

May 9, 2019



2019 Nurses Week Apparel Giveaway: Daily Contest – The Gypsy Nurse

Sponsored by: Trusted Health

Trusted Health is giving away Apparel for Nurses Week 2019!

Welcome we are so excited to team up with Trusted Health to bring you today’s Nurses week apparel giveaway.  It’s Throwback Thursday! The Gypsy Nurse has partnered with some great Travel Nurse Staffing agencies to provide some exciting nurses week giveaways. Today’s 2019 Nurses Week Giveaway is some great apparel.

Know your History

Instructions: Go to our Fan Page and put your nurse history knowledge to the test and tell us what years these nursing items are from:

2019 Nurse's Week Apparel Giveaway

1. Nursing Cap

2019 Nurse's Week Apparel Giveaway

2. Nursing Scrubs

2019 Nurse's Week Apparel Giveaway

3. Stethoscope

2019 Nurse's Week Apparel Giveaway

Today’s Prizes are: All Bird Shoes, Patagonia Jacket and an Away Carry On Suitcase

(Disclaimer: Colors are subject to change. Winner will be able to choose shoe color & size)

To join in on the fun, you must currently be a nurse and all contests will be held on The Gypsy Nurse’s Fan page ( https://www.facebook.com/TheGypsyNurseFan/) Be sure to like our fanpage before the contests begins so you can be the first to see when the contest begins!

Don’t forget to go to Trusted Health’s website to join in their awesome Nurses Week giveaway

Winners: 2019 Nurses Week Giveaway

Winner will be announced tomorrow at 12pm E.S.T. on the Gypsy Nurse Network Group on Facebook as well as our other social media accounts. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Good Luck!!

Don’t forget to check in DAILY to join in on all of the giveaways and contests this week!

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