Gratitude: 10 Ways You Can Express Gratitude This Holiday Season

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By The Gypsy Nurse Staff

November 23, 2017



10 Ways You Can Express Gratitude This Holiday Season

Happy Thanksgiving Gypsies! The holiday season makes us very busy and sometimes we forget what the holidays are about. Some of you may be working, traveling, or lucky enough to spend time with your family. No matter the location, there’s always room to share some gratitude towards co-workers, family, and even strangers! Take a minute out of your day to show some gratitude this Thanksgiving and holiday season ahead of us.

Below are some ways you can express gratitude:

1.) Get them a treat.

Everyone loves getting a delicious treat, whether it’s sweet or savory. Getting someone something from the cafe down the road or a bakery in the city is a sure way to show someone you care while filling their belly with something delightful.

2.) Give out compliments

No extra money this holiday season? No problem! The best things in life are free and compliments are unlimited. Make it a point to compliment everyone you see today!

3.) Volunteer for an unpleasant tasks

Whether you’re at work or home with family, there is always that duty you hope you don’t get picked for. Instead of avoiding the task and hoping someone else will take care of it, jump right in and get your hands dirty. Most likely no one else wants to do it either, but I am sure it will make someone’s day!

4.) Give a hug or smile at someone

Another free thing to give out is a hug or a smile. Both are simple and again FREE! You never know what someone is going through and sometimes that’s all it takes to make someone feel special again or turn around their day.

5.) Thank you notes

With today’s technology, it’s easier to send someone a message in a variety of different ways but the impact of a handwritten thank you note is a sure way to warm some hearts and make a lasting impression.

6.) Random act of kindness

As a travel nurse, you travel all over the United States, and maybe even the world, meeting thousands of people. Take a moment and do one random act of kindness. This can be paying for a person’s drink order that is behind you at the coffee shop, holding the door open for someone, or even working in a soup kitchen, providing someone less fortunate a meal.

7.) Donate to charity or volunteer your time

There are endless charities that are in need of any kind of monetary donation for education or research on issues or diseases that are actively affecting our nation and/or our world that need desperate attention. Remember, every little bit helps.

8.) Tip well

Whether you’re out to dinner, getting your hair done, or paying for valet; if someone does an outstanding job, tip more than you usually do. Most people absolutely drained around the holiday season and that extra cash in their pocket might make their day and will make work a little more bearable.

9.)  Say you’re sorry.

Whatever the situation may be, sometimes there is no better way of showing gratitude than righting your wrongs. If there has been a major disagreement with a co-worker in your workplace or perhaps a family member and you haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye, maybe it’s time to take the high road and apologize. In a lot of circumstances, we fail to see past our minor differences and should work towards a more positive relationship or partnership, making strides for a better future for all.

10.) Catch someone doing something right

Nobody’s perfect and a lot of us feel like we fail more than we win most days. If you see a stranger doing something positive, wherever you’re at, let them know how great of a job they’re doing! Not only will you be encouraged to do better for those around you, but it will inspire them to keep spreading positivity wherever they go. We’re all in this together!

Whether you’re with family or away on an assignment, there is always time to express gratitude to those around you. Take these 10 tips and try to use it this Thanksgiving and holiday season. Gratitude is contagious, and you won’t want to wear a mask and gloves around it. Be sure to pass along the holiday cheer this year!

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